[Bug] Stronghold 2nd slot in lab missing

Good Morning.

having logged in after the patch i noticed that my stronghold is broken.

the 2nd and 3rd slots are no longer available and the things that were being researched in those slot have just disappeared completely.

I have included a screenshot below of my level 3 lab with now only 1 slot available. despite having 2 slots yesterday.

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Try to add your response here:

instead of opening up another thread it just takes more time for you to get fixed one big with every info is better then 100 small

Try to use the search function instead of opening instantly a new one ^^ glad to help and good luck we all have this problem

“glad to help” people typically say this after they’ve provide some form of help or advice.

oy bro amazing that you wrote your first words in the forum XD but dude
you wrote it yourself

form of help or advice

yep i adviced him to go to the other post with more reply so he gets a quicker response ^^

Same issue. Workaround instructions here:

Imagine not having a @Roxx reply yet :frowning:

There was a reply from @Roxx albeit, in another thread concerning this issue.

Well it’s been fixed already so yeah, lol.