Bug (trade blocked)

My brother returned to playing lost ark a few days ago and I gave him gold, leapstone and other resources for him to rush the character through the trade and then our accounts took a trade block, what do we have to do to remove this block?

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Romanosh. I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can take a look into this.

Hi @Romanosh

This is part of a security measure that is in place to combat bots and of which you can further read about here:
An Update to Fraud Prevention in Lost Ark
Official News

As we continue to improve and increase our protections against malicious actors and behaviors in Lost Ark, we are making adjustments to our tools and systems that prevent fraudulent purchases. In March, we rolled out a fraud prevention system that requires players to have a ‘Trusted’ status through Steam or Lost Ark in order to access specific social and economic systems such as initiating player-to-player trades, sending in-game gifts and mail with attachments, and exchanging royal crystals fo…

In order to make your account trusted you will need to have performed a purchase(s) for at least $5, where sometimes Steam will require a period of 30 days to have passed from the date of the purchase. You will also need to set up the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator specifically for this status update to take place.
How to set up Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator
Please note it may still take several hours for your account to become ‘Trusted’ after activating two-factor mobile authentication for the first time and up 30 days depending on Steam’s clear time.

Please note that accounts that have not met certain requirements with Steam will have lower purchase limits and will not be able perform certain in-game actions as listed in this link also :

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