[Bug] Unusual bug that can void your adventure island attempt

This just happened at the 9PM EST adventure island.

So it was 9:04 in the middle of the Monte island event, opening boxes and all of a sudden I get autoformed into a party and it abandons the adventure island quest. This prevents you from getting the rewards and still consumed the attempt for the day.

So what had happened was I was in a party with someone prior to going to the adventure island. We had entered deskaluda together and killed it and we finished around 8:50PM. I left the woeful dryland and went to the adventure island and waited for it to spawn; the whole time while not being in a party or having the party autoform. I’m assuming my friend was afk inside after we had finished and was kicked out after the 15 minute timer.
Sadly I didn’t know that this was something that could happen; that being in a party will abandon the adventure island request; that you could still be pulled into a party automatically while on an island; that the party could still autoform after 15 minutes.

Don’t think there was anything I could do to prevent this from happening but hopefully this can be fixed.

That’s super strange, Jeffd1. What server did this happen on?

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This happened on the NA East- Avesta server

Thanks! I’ll get this over to the devs.