[BUG] Weapon/skill/character skill usage sounds are gone

It started at the Monastery Orchard. Level 16 Gunslinger (female). At approx. 17:30 EST.
The audio for my skills and other character interactions are muted. I can not turn on/off any such sound setting from the settings menu. Picking up items, such as currency and equipment, still has their appropriate sounds activated.

We’ve noticed a few issues with sounds going missing around the Monastery. Spooky. Mind if I ask if it fixed itself at any point or on restart?

Its not only there,after some cutscenes sound goes missing (only character effects) .
After some time it can get back tho. But something is definitely happening.
And same as TS i was experiencing this on my GS.

I’ve found that changing channels fixes it easily.

Also warping to another map fixes this issue as well.

Thanks all! Will take note

I had tried restarting the game and my computer, and it did not fix it. Today, however, the audio issue seems to be gone, even after returning to the area where the issue started.