Bug when I click on items : they stay selected and follow my mouse cursor

Sometimes, when I click on an item, it stays on my mouse and I can’t get rid of it. I can’t click anywhere else after that. I can still cast spell but it’s very disturbing to play. I need to change location so get rid of it. Happened already 3 times since the may 19th update.

As an example, I tried to change the bomb I had in my item bar. I clicked on the bombs in my bag and then the bomb stayed on my moue cursor during of my Orea dungeon. It only left when I finished the dungeon, when I teleported somewhere else.


I had the same issue today in oreha. I tried to change a pot and got stuck to my mouse cursour.
I had to do all the dungeon with this

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Change presets

Will anyone fix this problem :neutral_face:, in last 5 min I have same issue 3 times.

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