Bug when trying to enter dungeons/raids, losing entries

Not sure if this topic is highlighted in another thread or if a resolution has been found and will be implemented, but I wanted to ask what progress has been made toward the bug that breaks parties when trying to match make/ use party finder. I lost two dungeon entries yesterday (Aria’s hard, Oreha Preveza normal) and lost Oreha Preveza normal today. Know this has been a long ongoing issue and wanted to see what progress has been made towards this issue. I know that bots are at the top of the list so other issues may not be getting looked at in the meantime. Sorry for all those that frequent the forums if this issue needed to be in another thread. Thanks.

Hey @VoidSinnerz, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

I’ll be moving this topic to the bug and localization feedback section for proper visibility. :wink:

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