Bug with ALT+ button on shortkeys click not being registered

Hi, I have noticed more and more frequently over the last 3 weeks or so that when I press shortcuts using my ALT buttons, both my left and alt button, it doesnt register the ALT click.
For example, ALT+J for una’s, instead opens up Quest journal. Alt+W for bifrost instead clicks my W skill ( Gives an error message ) or something simular. Those are the most used ones.
The solution is to let the alt key go and re-click it.
I TOUGHT this was me “not pressing hard enough” for the click to register. Then I talked to some friends. “oh you have that too?”
And then I asked in Bajheera’s twitch chat. “I have that.” 400 people chat, 4-5 or so pretty much instantly confirmed they had the same issue. So it is a bigger issue then I atleast tought it was.
It happends quite often and I don’t really know the trigger or anything.
What I know tho is the following.

Me and my friend have different types of keyboards. ( Didn’t go to deep in Baj’s chat )
It gets much more noticebly when you try to do Una’s , so bifrost or una shortkey, but I think that’s just top of mind. It also happend quite alot when I pressed ALT+K for pvp info. Pet one (ALT+P) happends, but I don’t feel that happends AS often.

I don’t have this issue in other games.
Keyboard works just fine to my knowledge.

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This is still a big issue and no update. Please give us any feedback ? Still only happends with lost ark for me.

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