Bug with duo Q in guardian raid

If you’re in a party (for me it was s party of 2) and queue for guardian raid, you never get 4/4 players. The queue at most jumps to 3/4 and quickly goes back to 2/4. Been trying for a long time and still can’t find a match. It’s not that no one is doing the raid either, I tried doing a solo queue and instantly got into a raid. However, I can’t queue in randoms while playing with a friend. Thank you!

@Roxx can you look into it?

Did you have two of the same class in the party? This only happens to me whenever I have two of the same class in the party. It’s not impossible to get a party, but it does take significantly more time to get one.

No. Any class any time of the day, nothing works…Only guardian raid tho. any other is fine.