Bug with guild nicknames

Bug - guild nicknames, cannot delete once set and return to default, and character limit stuck on 6 instead of the stated 12 characters.

Thanks Devs

Any chance the devs can respond?

Another 12 days passes, and still no response from the Devs? Please could you acknowledge this bug and at least let us know it is being looked into?

Not mentioned on patch notes for March, although reported in Feb?

Devs advise as a matter of urgency please

Up, quote, whatever, this is bothering a lot of us


Same issue here still no fix

@Roxx could you please take that issue to the dev team ?
Or any other CM :confused:

I’m done with this game now anyway, but just checked in to see if the Devs had fixed this. Clearly not and still ignored. Glad I quit with support like that.