Bug with ShadowHunter in PvP

Just came back after a 6 month break and am excited for the witcher collab next week.
However, just wanted to report a bug I noticed on Shadowhunter ONLY in PvP for controller (thanks for all the controller buffs btw Amazon/Smilegate).

The bug: A skill named “Piercing throne”, only on controller, does not go where you aim it. Every time I do the move, no matter where I place it, it always activates next to me. For reference, the ult is fine and goes where I aim it but for some reason piercing throne doesnt. Hope it gets fixed eventually. TY!


Thank you for reporting this issue with Piercing throne. Could I have your character name and server?

galatur and diyinira

Thank you so much! I will get this passed along. :slight_smile:

Thank you! It seems they tried to address the issue in the witcher patch but it did not fix it. The issue is not being able to place it anywhere. The attack is supposed to spawn where the cursor is or in the controllers case the arrow. Im supposed to be able to attack far away targets with it, however every time i use the move it only spawns close. will a video help? I can go into a custom game to show it more clearly

Any additional information is beneficial! We would gladly accept a video that could help nail a bug down! :slight_smile:

where can i send it? This forum only allows for photo uploads not videos.

Great question! The most common way I have seen user share their videos is through Youtube (unlisted). From there you should be able to share it here on the forums.

Hope this helps!