Bug with T5 Galewind rune

There appears to be a bug with the T5 Galewind rune. I was playing on my alt and as you can see from the message in chat, a galewind did drop from armored nacresena. However it stated that I had already claimed that attribute and thus received nothing. The guide does not show that I have it nor is it available in my skills window. I have checked the inventories and storage of my characters and it is not present there either. Given that runes are indestructible, unable to be dismantled, and untradeable, I don’t know where it disappeared off to.

There’s no Galewind in that message log. You get a small permanent stat increase when you kill a guardian for the first time, and the game is notifying you that you can’t receive that stat increase again for getting a first kill on your alt.

oh, that’s good to know. I don’t think most people know about it! When I asked everyone on discord they also thought it was supposed to be a rune

I am also missing that same exact rune
Is there anyone who had it dropped?

yeah I got it eventually, just gotta keep grinding