Bug with the "Archeology, Let's Explore" quest

This quest should end after using the radar once and digging the relics, however I have been doing this for about 40 sequences and it is not completing. I switch from novice to apprentice tools and does not help. I go around outer and inner circle still does not complete the quest. Please look into this

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I was having the same issue, was able to get through the quest by using the sonar and then using Relic Search


Thank you!

Exact same problem even after relogging and going to do other quests.

Same, can’t finish it for the life of me.

Press B to open the tool menu.

Press A to activate the sonar, there will be a blue sonar looking thing above your head, making a beeping sound, like sonar.

When it finds something, press the R button for relic search and it will show the relic spot and allow you to dig.

This will finish the quest.


1st pic shows without sonar, 2nd pic shows with sonar.

Server: Rohendel
[Guide] Archeology, Let’s Explore Quest Bug

I came across this too.
The ‘How To’ guide shows you advises you to use sonar first, then Relic search when the pings are quick and then finally dug it up.
The bug is that the quest info panel on the right doesn’t tell you to use sonar first.

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