[Bug] World Tree Leaves

So i was gathering the World Tree Leaves and run across these bugs:

  1. It says that we are able to gather x11 World Tree Leaves for each profession with Foraging actually having x12 available but if we hover over the professions and count all the Leaves then we can notice that only x10 are available for gathering for all professions besides Foraging which has x11 available.

  1. There are rewards for up to x72 World Tree Leaves but only x61 are available for gathering with Foraging being the only exception and having x11 available unlike all the other professions which have x10 per profession.

I guess they will be added in time. Unfortunately developers trying to push more content for us then it was in KR at some game versions (equal to our) could miss some numbers.
I just checked some accounts in: https://loawa.com/ and there is players with 72
I want relic charm too but still 49/61 (72)