Bug? Zero gold claimed after claiming?

Basically i traded RC for Gold and once the sale was successful, i clicked claim, and the error on the picture came up. send help?

edit: 12hrs later, its still the same.

Hello and welcome to the forums! I am sorry this happened, but I will move your post to the Game support section so we can better assist you. :slight_smile:


I also got that error sometimes when claiming blue crystals, but blue crystals were added.

Have you checked that the gold you bought isn’t on restriction? You can hover your pointer over the gold icon on your currency tab to see if it is in hold or not.

Yeah i have experienced it before but the currencies were added but not this time.

I hovered over it but it was not added. I have 195k worth of gold not added. Ive raised a ticket to amazon as well, hope they could do something about it. I was hoping daily reset would fix it but its still the same.

Hello @Onebalancedbreakfast, :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear about the gold claim which is not reflecting in your account.

As you have already opened a ticket with our support team, I request your patience while they investigate the issue at their end.

We would have also asked you to contact the support team only as this issue requires investigation.

So, we request your patience while the team do the needful and revert back to you on this.

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand:

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, then. I also hope your problem gets fixed quickly! :crossed_fingers:

Give our support team some time to work on the ticket which was raised and they will surely get back to you on this, @Onebalancedbreakfast. :slight_smile:

Hello @RuthlessFalcon

I am also having the same issues where I went to claim gold and I did not receive it. I have video proof right here - Streamable

It’s been 24 hours and I still don’t have the gold and I don’t see it

I received an automated response that doesn’t even pertain to my issues. This is troubleshooting steps for in-game and hardware issues…

I spent a BMW M3’s worth of money on your game, please help.

Hello @HayasakaLover, :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear about your issue which is related to the gold claim.

As per the email response you received, the team need certain details from your end (in case the basic troubleshooting doesn’t help) which you need to share in order for them to investigate the issue.

I request you to share the mentioned details by reverting to the email and allow the team to investigate the issue at their end.

They will get back to you after the investigation is finished.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

Is there live chat support? I can’t find this option in the support section.

I’m sorry to say but currently the support for Lost Ark is only available via emails, @HayasakaLover.

Please revert back to the email and you will surely get an update on it soon. :slight_smile:

it’s been 5 days with no response.

I still do not have my gold that I exchanged using royal crystals…

Hello again @HayasakaLover, :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that you have not received any response from our support team regarding your ticket.

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the ticket raised by you through our support team, hence I request you to kindly revert back to the last email received from our team and they will share you the latest update on your case.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

Hi @HayasakaLover, I have read your posts here and I can understand how not getting your in-game gold could be very frustrating.

I would like to point out however that not proceeding to verify your game files from within steam because you believe that this should only be done for hardware issues is not completely correct.

Files can be corrupted for a myriad of issues. One that comes to mind immediately to me is if anyone powers off their computer without actually shutting it down ( by holding the power button in for instalce ). I am not saying that you have turned your computer in this manner.

@RuthlessFalcon is spot on when he states you should follow up on the ticket.
I think you should get steam to verify the integrity of the game files as mentioned in the support email you showed us and then have a look at your gold and maybe also check where you claimed it and try to see if it is there to be claimed again.

If after doing the file verification and checking your gold, it’s still not there then I suggest providing the information ( asked for in the email ) in an email reply to the one you got or create a new ticket detailing everything. as suggested in the email you got.
Don’t post the info asked for by the email in here, it’s sensitive data and shouldn’t go on the forum

Best of luck @HayasakaLover :+1:

I too have not gotten a response.

However Amazon games told me that they have raised the issues to the developers but still haven’t heard any response yet.

So i dont know what else to do.

Hi @Onebalancedbreakfast, if you have allowed a reasonable time to lapse ( Perhaps 72Hrs / 3 days ) and have not heard anything I would reply to the support email you got or submit another ticket with all the detail.

The support team should be able to go through your transaction history and verify what has happened with your purchases and gold.

Good Luck :+1:



I have just got an email update from the devs.

Here’s the update from the devs team: “We’ve have requested the gold to be sent to him via mail. I will let you know once this is approved.”

So i hope this resolves it.

@HayasakaLover have you tried raising a ticket to Amazon Games?

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here is the chat between the customer service and i.

That’s excellent @Onebalancedbreakfast and just goes to show that following up is indeed a good idea.

Fantastic result :smiley: