[BUG]A Token Opher Thoughts

Hello, I am currently doing the quest called “A Token Opher Thoughts” and i can’t seem to progress. I am supposed to “Observe at close range” but nothing happens when I go on the island and do that and i can’t do it from my ship when i leave the island. So right now I am stuck here and don’t know what to do. Many thanks!

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same problem i observed before i went to island so now i need to do it again and do not have the prompt any more…

so i couldnt find a way to complete it but went to north vern and next quest is waiting on you

Yea, I did som island quest and they steerd me there and I was able to continiue! Anyway thanks for the info!

You have to interact with the LIGHT near the statue.


Thank you !!!

Thank you! that could be 1000% clearer!

Thank you so much!