[bug/crash] My game is crashing

I just cant pass the tutorial
The game closes without showing any error, in random time or action… please help?

I would advise to check your PC resources maybe something is not OK, memory/ram, drivers …

The hardware is all ok. One thing i did recently was update to Windows 11… but actually now getting the error: w0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT Cannot connect to the server

I’m on Windows 11 aswell and can run the game without issues.
Have you tried re-installing steam/lostark?

yes! just did that and still, game crashes, no error last 3 times

I tried to contact the chat support from Amazon Games and they also couldnt help… Does the game have a error log or something?
Tried everything, reinstall game, installed afterburn, GPU, CPU, RAM all ok. All drivers up to date, no malware… nothing… Other games running well…
I’m very upset, the beta deadline is running out and I haven’t been able to enjoy the game so far.