Bugged Audio in New Kaden Cutscene

So the end of the new quest infinite darkness has a cool cutscene where Kaden fights Kharmine.

However, the scene at the end has a part with Armen where Armen is talking but there is no voice acting and there are no dialogue captions either. It would be good to know what Armen is saying because it seems relevant to the plot.

Im pretty sure it was a bug or perhaps the voice actor hasn’t yet recorded his lines in English.

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It was the same in French. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to “not be heard” by us, or a bug

that’s on purpose :slight_smile:

It’s a cliffhanger.

Its intentional, Armen reveals some major stuff which we learn later.

Thaemine is Yom The Squirrel. That was the secret.



The full rapport with him is intended to take you to the dark side.

Same in german client. Not sure if this is intended or not, but as you can see Armen’s lips moving guess not - if he had whispered it to Kharmine when they were closer ok, but it looks like there is something missing.

There is nothing missing.

Its on purpose, cause Armen is telling sth that we will later learn in elgacia!

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Its intentional

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