Bugged collectible rewards

I am trying to collect the rewards under welcome challenge → collectibles for Fomona island and island token expert. Both are saying I have not done the requirement which is not true. For island token expert, i have 16 island tokens and have purchased an emote + banked the rest. For Fomona island I have completed the required quest “The Lyer of Love”.

These are big rewards and would like to know if there is a way to work around it or known issue! Thanks.

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My “Island Token Expert” is also bugged.

@Roxx is this a known issue?

@Roxx I know you’re super busy and we massively appreciate you but do we have an update on whether or not this is a known issue?

Famona: You need to finish the quest with a female char.
Island tokens: Did you get the rewards for the island tokens?

I have the same issue with Island Token Expert.
I have 20-ish tokens, gave them to the statue, claimed the rewards at Opher, but I can’t claim the challenge reward.

Hey there Cardellat, that topic is a bit older now - could you post a screenshot of your problem?

I didn’t have any issues picking up the rewards:

Sorry about posting in here, I was trying not to create a duplicate topic.
Here is my screen (my apologies, it is in french, I have highlighted the important parts)

As you can see, the achievement isn’t complete for me. I have collected the rewards from Opher for all the tokens I have, but I can’t claim the challenge reward. Maybe I missed something?
I have asked my friends about it and they all got it.