Bugged day 20 login reward

Hi from NA west on Valtan username: Nashgold , just logged in today and claimed my login reward i received the 2 selection rapport support chests but didnt receive the three legendary card packs and it says obtained , this is the first issue ive encountered. its not in my pet inventory it definetly cant be on an alternative character because i waited an hour queue just to login to my main so upon logging in i didnt switch characters claiming my selection chests. Looking around on a few searches seems like there are common bugs with login rewards. Contacted amazon support told me to report it here would appreciate any help thank you.

Hello @Nashgoldjr and welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

Iā€™m very sorry to hear about this situation with your login reward but thank you so much for reaching out to us, I will be moving your post to the section of Bugs and Localization Feedback here on the forums so that our peers from technical support can give a look into this!

Have a nice day. :leaves:

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