Bugged out of an Abyss dungeon and got capped weekly?


The dungeon I just joine bugged and I got kick from it. The problem is that I’m weekly capped now whereas I still have my 3 Tier 2 dungeon to do in order to grind legendary stuff etc…

Is there a way to queue back ?

Thanks in advance for solving this bug.

Server : Calvasus
Character : Lunatixou

Idk if there are a lot of persons in the same situation as me. If that’s the case, you could probably give a free weekly refresh to everyone or something like that.

Happened for auro of resonance in Chaos dungeon too …

Same for me and other players
Chaos dungeons, Guardian Raids…When join
always kick from queue.

Being kick and being weekly capped is 2 differents things. Eventhough I assume that being kick is frustrating too

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Same two days ago i had this issue and today same…