Bugged out of rewards and can't go to gate 2 Valtan HM. Help fix this! AGS lying to me

The game won’t let me select reward chest or anything and I can’t do any of Valtan now. The amazon support has been so trash and nothing is getting done.


i am in the same boat

Yeah nothing is getting done. I have contacted amazon and they keep leaving chat. I tweeted and was asked what service do I need help with even though it is apparent what I need help with and they ignored me after that.

Amazon ignoring you as well?

well i need to give them a day to say they ignore me its been 10 hours

I tweet at them as well and just get automated responses over and over again.


Way to go AGS

@Seawolf Send help


Got an email that said

Greetings from Amazon Games Studios.

Thank you for your report! Looking into your issue, it seems that when you got disconnected from the raid, the system flagged your character as having left the raid.

So please do not worry, we request you to please wait for 24 hours, you will receive your additional entry within the next 24 hours.

If you need any further help, please feel free to get back to us.
Best regards,
Amazon Game Studios

I waited over 24 hours and I still have not received anything. AGS is garbage. @Roxx

AGS lying to me. I was told I was getting my re-entry.

Heads up, Gate 2 re-entry is currently broken and you will not receive a ticket.

They are working on a fix for this, no ETA atm but Shadow_Fox is going to be looking to get an update on monday.

I have not got a re-entry ticket im so pissed!

Pretty much no one has, the automated system doesn’t work, and cs reps are completely powerless.