Bugged quest cant access any of vernese forest side quests

I was doing the “Tracking the demon beast quest” and I couldn’t examine the rangers body so I abandoned the quest and now I cant find any quests in vern that could lead to that quest in vernese forest


Not sure if its the same bug but I’m also unable to complete Vernese Forest on my main. I don’t know if I abandoned a quest or not but I can’t complete the zone.

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I seem to be experiencing a similar bug. Did you use a powerpass on a character already? I got to the NPC Billy and then nothing happened after I completed that quest.

same here, suddenly all sidequest i left behind in berna are gonne, plus I had 2 quests in Fesnar that disappeared too

Same, had the quest to go talk to Billy in Vernese Forest. After turning in the quest I get no followup… very lame. I did use a powerpass so I’m guessing that is what messed it up. Looks like Shushire quests are still here thankfully… I am missing these quests on my main btw, not even the powerpass characters.

Same problem as the others. Have used a powerpass, but not on this character. Quest stopped at Billy.

Same issue here, cant continue quest where i should talk to billy. I have used powerpass on different character, and my brother has not and was able to continue with no issue, this might be causing this issue.

Same. And any other quest I touch (Awakening for example) doesn’t give me the follow up when I complete the first step.

Any updates on the issue?

I have sent a ticket to the support. They have created a ticket with the appropriate team and will lupdate me on the situation.
No other news so far, sorry.

omg its a biigggg bug… if you use a power pass and you are in berna with yout main. you lost all secondary quest rewards in berna and shushire beause all the quest appears “complete”… check the mission journal

Yeah just noticed this too, havent gone forward with the main story after the bug appeared, my msq is to sail to glacier region, which i think is shushire. Yet when i checked completed quest journal there are 26 completed and i havent been there yet… Should i create a ticket somewhere?havent been able to find where. This sucks and i bet they have their hands full with other stuff aswell…

Edit:found where to submit a ticket and would suggest anyone experiencing this to do the same. Annoying to not know what content you’re missing next.

I also have this issue. I used the powerpass on a different character and now I don’t have any of the quests for Vernese Forest and it claims I have completed them all. Where did you go to submit a ticket?

Googled lost ark ticket, it goes to amazon games site, so through there.
Also it seems it has completed side quests up to shushire, you have the adv tome rewards+stuff like roster xp and virtue stats from those quests, what we’re missing is the physical rewards from thewe quests eg. Card packs etc

Same issue. But I guess no one has received any support yet. Careless support team…