Bugged Queue on Neria

so basically, I have no problem with waiting. Servers are overloaded, wait for your turn - thats totaly fair.

I queued up with around 12k~~ place, and my friend hour later queued with 18k~~ place. Now - he is in game, and my queue number stuck at 4355 (this place stucked for about 20 minutes)

Really? I bought founder pack, I really want to play the game and I have no problems with waiting for my turn - but now I have to cancel queue, and queue again? Like cmon, there is anything I can do about it?

Sincererly yours,
Dejnol (in game name, server Neria).

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Theyll probably tell you to verify steam integrity, restart computer, run steam in administrator, check your down- and upload and then tell you that “in theory youll get access” :slight_smile: