Bugged Rift Pieces from Super Express

Hey, so apparently there is an issue with the Rift Pieces that we can claim from the Super Express Missions.

Instead of them being added to the Rift Pieces’ counter (as other currencies) - they are instead added to the inventory as a non-usable item (which seems can only be deleted from the inv, but nothing else).
So now I’m stuck with 999x Rift Pieces and a separate 1x Rift Piece in my inventory slots which are not seen as available currency in the Exchange, but also can’t be used (similarly to the Platinum Coints for silver, etc.).


What can we do about them?

Character name: Xoirea
Server: Antares (EU Central)


Same issue: Can’t interact with them or do anything besides destroying. Would be glad about an information about them too.

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Same here i have 1x and 999x and i cant use them, from the express event

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Same issue here D:
Character: Takazerker
Server: Kazeros (SA)

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Replying for visibility, I have the same issue as well.


Same issue here.

IGN: urgfsendsmenoods
Region: NA WEST
Server: Enviska

i have the same issue with the Rift Pieces

Region: NA West
Server: Valtan

Same issue:
Region: EUC
Server: Zinnervale
IGN: Psyfall

Having the same issue here too :smiling_face_with_tear:

IGN: Malaenea
Region: NA East
Server: Shandi

Have you tried spending those rift pieces?

Like, go to a map chest merchant. Does the character with the 1000 bound pieces have more currency than other characters?

Same also for me
Server: Rethramis
Region :EU West

it does not count them i have this 1000 and another 329 in my Currency Inventory when io want to buy it say that i have only those 329

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As @olariuteodor said - You can’t ‘spend’ them in a fasion like the ancient coints, etc.
Nor are they factored in when You open the rift piece exchange - they are just an unsable collection of items, that are pretty much occupying the inventory/storage slots with no real use or value at the moment.

Wondering how long will it take to address this issue, as 1000 pieces are easily a couple maps (depending on the choice) and the longer it takes, the more people will end up getting caught up in this bug.

Bump for visibility

bump again

Still useless


Anyone at AGS, is this a known issue and being worked on or what’s up?

April 23 Hotfix patch notes.

" General Fixes "

" * Fixed an issue where Rift Pieces earned through the Express Mission were not able to be used at the vendor. "

So i’d believe its been fixed.