Buggy Lost Ark after patch

when i dismantle the screen with mats after dismantle autocloses instantly , after the update i didnt change or do anything in settings so maybe a bug. ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT i have to reselect chars to be less buggy than before , sometimes fixes it or it doesnt , doing Valtan and to ghost face just LA freezzeees to death for 3-4 sec. maybe a fix or update?

Same here…
You dismantle objects, then it closes instantly… before you could see what and how much was dismantled.

I don’t know if this is a bug, or if it is intended though…

They now have a dismantle preview… maybe we are supposed to use that to see what we get after dismantling…

I like it.
If it’s a bug please keep it xD

i see the items but like half a sec , thats why i think its a bug

Yeah theres been happening major framedrops after the update