[BUG][NOTIFICATIONS] Timer is out by an hour [AUS]


I can’t seem to find a bug about this but since the last patch Argos the notification timer has been out by 1 hour. I have seen quite a few people having the same issue all grouped up at a spot and nothing happens come back an hour later and its there when it still has an hour to go.

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Im assuming this is why Asura Island didnt spawn just now…

Yeah I noticed it with the Grand prix, the npc was there on the 2nd hour just not on the Alarm timer.

Oh i was wondering why people are in prix in an odd hour… i was slightly confused so brushed it off

I think it is from when your own timezone is in daylight savings the game is incorrectly applying that to the server time or not taking daylight savings into account when calculating from your local time etc…

Yeah that makes sense, I hope its fixed soon

Disable “adjust for daylight savings time automatically” in windows for temporary fix.

I asked amazon live chat about it yesterday and they said they would look into it but have not heard anything else.

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Awesome cheers bro