Bugreport: Dropdown Menu

Hi Lost-Ark Team,

there is a slight issue with your dropdown menu for voicechat which makes it nearly impossible to choose the setting the right way.

The devs need to check if the opened dropdown menu reaches out of the subscreen area and either make the subscreen bigger or open it upside down.

Important EDIT: This goes for all Dropdown Menues that i can access.

Thanks and Greetings
Cyler :slight_smile:

The beta test has already begun with many of us reporting issues already.
I’ll add to that list that it’s super hard tgo adjust things like Speaker Volume, Mic Volume using the mouse if you plan to set it e.g. from 50 to exactly 60. It took me quite a couple of times until I hit it.

the beta test has NOT yet begun, You ran the game on an old system and facing the most basic resources problem.

Also +1 on the menu drop down! Hope they do something about it.