Bugs i've been experiencing recently!

I have been experiencing two bugs on slen server at Europe
1st my daily quest “pond of purification” is not getting reseted daily as it used to , been experiencing this for like 5 days

2nd i didn’t receive my titles for defeating legion commanders Valtan and Vykas
Even though i defeated them more than once

And here is some proof for the daily quest bug

Please check the timers and quest status carefully

Thanks for reporting this. What is your character name?

My character name is Samprimexqt on Server “Slen”
thanks in advance <3

This is a chain quest, after x amount of finish you can continue with the “Mayhem Piles on the Altar” quest, it connects to Omnium star collecting.
So it works well.

Oh Ok! well i didn’t know that , thanks alot for telling me

But about the titles , i defeated both Vykas,Valtan , and even Argos titles are not given yet even though i defeated them alot of times
“Deathbringer” title for Argos isn’t recieved
“Demon Beast Commander” title for Valtan
can i please recieve them?

You will get them when you killed the certain amount of times

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for letting me know!