Built-in Chat Translation

A lot of the issue on EU servers seems to be a combination of language-barrier wars and who should speak what language etc, leaving it feeling rather unwelcoming and toxic. It also doesn’t help much when you’re not able to engage with the community that predominantly speak a language you don’t understand.

To add to this, the lack of server transfers (which I saw mention of it being in the works?) is a little disheartening, along with the initial lack of clarification of what group of players will be on what server; something decided by the community rather than the development team. I suspect a tonne of people didn’t know this information prior and wouldn’t have known to even look, nor given much choice with how populated servers are.

So, I’d love to see some system added to the game where chat is automatically translated into your language (perhaps based on the keyboard input used as it seems to recognize this to the right of where you input text). I think this would help dramatically, cutting down on the massive negativity/insults that follows when someone speaks another language.