Bunch of punctuation mistakes in text lines


There is a bunch of punctuation mistakes I found for last 2-3 days. I know this is a minor errors, but if you find a time to fix it, that would be awesome. Next, I try to continue my punctuation mistakes hunting when I start leveling new character, so don’t close this topic too fast.

Keep your work :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting this here!

I’m always on the lookout for localization errors to send on over :eyes: .

I’ll get this thread over to the team for you!

There is another 2 mistakes.

Thank you for notifying me of these. I’ve sent this thread over to the development team.

Let me know if you catch any more!

Another bunch of punctuation mistakes. There is 2 situations where extra line is used as… added expression or something? I don’t think it work here well, so extra line makes whole text ugly in my opinion.

Interesting, thank you again! Every bit helps

Next :wink:


Thanks again for another update, I’ll pass this one over as well! :slight_smile:

There is much more mistakes, so I compress “no space” errors.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that what you’re doing is awesome and much appreciated!


Disclaimer to image no. 26

I saw that some information starts with “[Rapport]” and some starts with place name e.g. “[Liebeheim]” - there is no unification.
I have to admit, that is nothing wrong with repeating a place name in the second line.
However, the first information what we see should be the type of activity (as highest grade of information): Rapport, Combat, Basic Rewards, Exchange etc. Next, you can give a place, NPC, monster/boss to kill, quest etc. (as a detail of major information).

Island Soul Name
[Type of Activity]

Example 1:
Liebeheim Island Soul
[Rapport] Liebeheim - Future Millionaire Zenri or [Rapport] Future Millionaire Zenri

Example 2:
Lost City Island Soul
[Basic Rewards] Lost City

PS. The longer I looking for the mistakes, even the smallest one, the further I see the people who worked on that have no time to see what they were done or worse…

Another one:

I gonna now spam a bit, because a long time ago I posted the bunch of mistakes :wink:

The last one for now :slight_smile: I will keep hunting

You actually have my respect for actually reading everything and doing this

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