Bunny Ear Skin Char bound

Is it Possible to get the Bunny ear skin from the Powerpass or Training area on another The Main Char? I accidently opened it at my Gunslinger Alt and i dont Like the Class and i cant send it t another Alt because its Clas Bound,
Is there any Fix or soething where we can redeem it on another class?

Hi @Keny_Long

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I’m very sorry that you have opened the Bunny ears in a wrong character.

I have to say to you that unfortunately is not possible to change or transfer the item once it was claimed and bound to that character.

We appreciate your understanding about it.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

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Is there a chance to get more of this items in the shop?
Did the same and like some more instruments on my other char too!

Lol why would they put something in the shop that EVERYONE will happily buy? AGS dont want happy costumers.


Well I can hope they add some! Do feel it going slow to up our shop with more choices!

At least let us get more on events pleaseeeeeee i did the same and now they are bound on a character that i dont use u.u


Hi @tojo, @Kirihito and @yamyan93

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At the moment there is not any confirmation about if this items or cosmetics like to bunny ears will be in the game shop.

However, I invite you to keep up to date with the news of the game from the Lost Ark page as well as from the News section of the forum. All the news that will be implemented in the game will be announced there.

Here is the link for the Lost Ark Page:

Here is the link for the news section of the Forum:


Hope this information help you! :wolf:

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