Its kinda sad when you start to burnout or starting to realise that your main is 1490 5x3 ready to Brelshaza and still waiting to get update for Kukul? Im not sure if i need to take big break or something but i dont feel same passion just because delaying raid bosses and nothing to goal for. Sadest part is my guild mates and friends not loggingin/Doing dailies anymore just because they are in same boat. Is problem in me or does anyone else feel like raid bosses or some “new content” should add more often…


this is your fault why would you speedrun an ilvl for a content that come in 3-4 month ?


content pace is fine, if anything they should add more lego books to help average ppl, since its still a luxury unless you burn yourself out like probably you did and your friends

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Our pacing (at least in legion raids) is quite a bit slower than Korea. KR got Valtan → Brelshaza in 7 months. We’re about 7 months in and no clown yet


You could have Brelshaza right now and still be burnt out with the content.

A weekly raid boss doesn’t change the daily content loop which is what is burning you out.

Even us F2P already are well beyond ilvl for Clown, Valtan/Vykas are in no way a challenge so they are just quick one and done’s. The rest of your play time is daily homework.

7 months of running chaos dungeons and killing one of 3 guardians is bound to wear on anyone.

Just have 4 characters at Clown :smile:

Why play every day? I normally log on every other day to do the grind, thank god for the rested bouns

Happened to me and my guildies too. Try to play on rest bonus and do only activities u enjoy like pvp or something. Hope they release more stuff soon… I think they just got scared after releasing argos too early so now they are releasing stuff really late…

Play other games, u dont have to login and do dailies everyday

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That is true, the daily/weekly loop doesn’t change with more raids. I’m not burnt out, but almost all of my friends (from 4 different groups) either quit, on a break, burnt out or losing interest.

Their issue was that the game’s grindy, but there’s no incentive to grind. They hit 1490 when clown was still 1-2 months away.

I had a friend that played on rest bonus and he hit 1475 like 2 months ago (He focused on main and not much on alts). He stopped playing and is waiting for clown. Now imagine someone that’s been playing regularly, there’s even less reason to play. And it’s not even about legion raids, August was dead for no reason while late September has too much content.

I’d say their pacing was quite horrible and not just from legion raid perspective.

True. The thing is a lot of people in KR gets burnout too because they are already over leveled etc. Most of them would wait for new content to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. POE does the same, you basically finish all the new content in that new season and wait for the next content to play. However, wait till we catch up to KR’s content, it will be even more dead before they release anything new for half a year. In between at most they do is QOL and balance changes.

Why get ilvl you say? Tell me what i should do then rather getting ilvl? Because your whole goal in game is to get ilvl. Im not sure did you miss a point of post.

He didnt miss the point of your post, you decide your pace in the game, its no ones fault but yours ure 1490 now with nothing to do. Theres a lot of other things to do outside of getting ilvl.

People were worried about getting raids and such too fast and now you want them more frequently? Well if ure willing to feed me materials n such to hit 1490, sure why not!

its currently the best time and has been the best time for the past few months to just bring up your alts and actually build your roster

Just play alts? You make no sense

I bet there is more people waiting for content rather fearing to get one… And im here waiting you so say what “alot things” there is do.

you can just take a break m8
nothing is keeping you by force to keep playing

it’s not sad
or worrying

it’s normal

most games we play we play for 10-40hours
you are playing this game for thousand + hours
it’s normal to not feel like playing

don’t worry about it
take a break
come back when something new comes out

as to the last comment

i don’t think content should be released faster
just because me and you are speed running the game doesn’t mean everyone is

people still at 1415-1475 taking their time
we shouldn’t make the schedule around the people who pushed to 1575

we shouldn’t delay the content for those taking their time
we shouldn’t release faster for those pushing hard

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Just take a break, forcing yourself to play when you have “nothing to do” as you say, only makes your burnout worse.

There are a lot of things to do. However, if you play the game 6h/day per 6 months++ you eventually run of content. That’s how it works in any game that isn’t a competitive moba/shooter.

Your main is 1490 / 5x3, ok. How about alts? Why you don’t work in one alt to reach 1490 / 5x3 with him? Alts are unfun to play until you gear them. Do you reach main + alt to 1490? Congrats! Work on another alt. By the time you did this loop 2-3 or even 4 times you will have new content.

Hello Froco!

Im kinda in the same boat with progress, but i dont have a burnout at all and see the current “no content” time only as advantage.

my main is 1505 5x3, my 5 gold alts are 1445 4x3, then i have 11 more alts, 6x 1370 + 5x 1415 with 4x3 (or 3x3+1) too farming cd/gr and waiting for machinist as the 18th char.

so im also “rdy for brel”, but my next goal until brel is to bring my 5x 1445 alts to 1490 for farming the new mats.

i created some excel sheets with info about my unbound mats income, % of completion for my 5 alts towards 1490, and so on. so i just keep track of my alts and their route to 1490. im playing main+5 alts daily for cd, and my other 11 alts with rested bonus only.

i will upgrade my 5 alts to 1490 by 1-3 weeks before brel, as im not interested to run vykas hm or kakul with more chars than my main- 1445 is for now the sweet spot and is really going smooth.

so- if you feel that youre burned out, try to find a solution for you- maybe you gonna take a break, or create also a roadmap for your gold alts towards brel release- that helped me alot with motivation.

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