Bus scam in vykas

got scammed on vykas bus by 4k rip
cant cancel bid now… smart system

Why would you even bid on a 30k buy out? It seems like its your fault not the system.


This feels kinda brought on by yourself… I mean sure scams happen but why would you bid on a 30k Lv1 gem? I’d tell the bus driver to properly post a BO gem or we about to crash this bus.


Had a thought that it could be to try to beat any bots that might put up gems (not snipe, my god I went the wrong way) because of the buy now price

Most wouldn’t be programmed for minimum bid price like that, so… I can see it…

However… yeah, very risky to the buyer, were probably hoping someone would accidentally pick the buy now price and scam even more, OP got lucky that didn’t happen

Either way, I would take it as a 4.2k lesson learned, and hope next time the bussers use accessories instead

Sorry OP that this happened

Wouldn’t a bot buying it just be win win anyway? The bus drivers acknowledges the gem is bought and the one being carried just shuts up and thanks bot jesus?


Yeah I meant a bot putting up another gem exactly the same, I did a U turn down the wrong lane with my logic

But yeah, that still would be cool though

Ahhh I gotcha homie.

I always do something wonky with my bid to try and mitigate that, something like 42 Bid or whatever.

Totally be down for a bot paying for my bus ride however, lol.

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Lol, that would be something though

Then again the other day I wasn’t paying attention and bought someone else’s gem (the way they wrote it I thought it was mine but it wasn’t)

Realized my mistake and offered to buy both mine and the one I mistakenly bought to make up for it, but the guys were cool

At least they have a story to tell now

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I’ve never seen a bus use a BID for payment they ALWAYS use BUYOUT!


Is like you know you are buying yourself a Rolax instead of a Rolex. You keep asking why it is A and not E but bought it anyways.

This is just self-inflicted but yes still shady if your bus did this…

While it is your fault for being stupid (no other way to say it if I’m being honest), there’s nothing to be done here.

Lack of knowledge is what led to this, could have asked here before deciding to buy a bus. It happen to me with Valtan NM last month, but as per Amazon’s reply: we don’t get involved with player to player transactions


this is why selling tier 1 accessories is better

Those get copied within seconds also, hell I even can tell you the players are from a specific country even. Then they use the free gold to sell it on gold selling sites and get real cash for scamming people. Amazing right?

There are even whole guilds of parasites doing it.

how are they being copied? open the AH, search for any random combination of engravings on a necklace, the odds of finding two exact copies listed for sale is next to 0

Only thing I can think of is people only using the “search” feature and not looking at the actual stats on the accessory listed

Search only searches the name, then you gotta go in and fine tune it

If you have someone who doesn’t know better then it could cause problems

But… that’s gotta come far in few in-between with who is buying a bus nowadays

That’s exactly it, people buy out the exact same thing, lists it at the same price (sometimes they bid on the original item to throw people off so what the seller tells buyer is no longer the case) and list it for the original listing price.

The only way you can know which is real/fake is going by the time, the one listed first (thus less time remaining on the market) is always the original. But how many don’t get scammed (I myself included once/at first) and it’s that 1x that keeps ticking.), too many parasites in this game man.

I’ve never witnessed anything like this in over 21+ years of gaming, from C64 with a floppy drive, to the 28.8k modems to 100mb line to optic fibre. In terms of community LA’s is an all time low in some of the stuff they do.

It makes sense if you’re talking about gems. But accessories? Like Xveno’s necklace for example, how could someone possibly find and list the exact copy of that necklace: same 2 combat stats, same engravings, same debuff, same quality? The chance is next to zero.

You’re not going to have a look all day at every line of stat, also people tend to list Tier 1 accessories because they don’t require pheons. Due to being too high the stats are changed by bla bla stats too high % lower or w/e, so that makes it harder if not impossible to read if at all.

You look at the name of the accessory, grade, tier and that’s about it.
Business transactions happen fast, scammers know that and are actively abusing it.

Normally or in any other game these things don’t happen, not to this extent, yet here we are.
Buyers need to proceed with caution when buying buses and/or trying to complete the payment.

For the very same, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

Yes I’m taking about tier 1 accessories. So not looking to confirm it’s in fact the one being linked by seller? It is the buyers’ fault then.

I partially agree with that, a person should look before buying yet even then the chance is there.
On the other hand faulting buyers because others are deliberately scamming is a bit yeah…this is where games used to be better when they had active GM’s.

Too much info, your eyes are probably locked on the warning text like most people and looking at some basic info as I wrote in my previous post. Because I believe even you have not read the ToS of this game, line by line it’s the same principle.

People in LA Global want to get from A to Z asap, sometimes it goes wrong.