Busses on EU/NA

While this game has many other problems (example Bots), I think it’s important we talk about more Features we would love to see in the game anyway^^
For me it would be an advanced bussing-system.

As it was often mentioned by different sources bussing or carries, are definitely not against ToS, as long as there is no RMT involved.
Let’s be honest the current systems for bussing are annoying (selling gems/sending Gold), dangerous (scammers → some bad example will always oversadow the good), annoying to people using area chat, since some people advertise their runs there. Furthermore it’s a potential point for RMT.

To help alleviate all these issues i would like to suggest a new ingame system catering to bussing:
i would imagine this system similar to partyfinder, however with soem noteable exceptions:

  1. the system is under a seperate bussing tag in Partyfinder
  2. the party leader can give people the role of “Bus-Driver” giving them a fair share of the earnings (all earnings are split equally)
  3. The Party leader can set a price for the bus-ticket, ticketprice and raid should be rerquired on party creation, for easier visibility.
  4. the ticket buyer will have his gold be deducted upon entry, the gold will be held by the system, until raid completion, when it will be payed out to the bus-drivers with the normal 5% tax.

Potential system expansions / further ideas:

  1. buyers and sellers can set ther price, and the game automatchmakes, → similar to BC-Exchange
  2. autoaccept features so buyers don’t need to be accepted into the group as long as they meet the minimum ilvl required → you can do UNAs, while looking for customers.

While i don’t think such a system would be a priority i think it would have much more of a place in our western release than other regions since trust tends to be higher there + people actually know how to find gems on AH…


No … one thing is allowing bussing to exist … other is to push people to be lazy and mediocre .

The idea seems fun

While it does encourage lazyness (letting people carry your alts), it certainly doesn’t encourage mediocrity, bussing isn’t as easy as all these bussing clears make it out to be. Furthermore not all content is bussable → look at tranquil karkosa, you wouldn’t be able to bus it (prenerf), if it had a reasonable amount of HP (60m is nothing for a 1450+ character)

intelligent, i like this idea and it’ll prevent of scamming and area chat spamming :ok_hand:

@Roxx please take a look at this

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Seems good, would love to have one,
but based on my personal experience with KMMO
DFO to be exact, where sell raids are a common thing,
the community was already accepting it and used to it
we did ask for a similar thing, but it never happened.
I guess the key issue here is the acceptance in the community
But anyway, if this ever gets attention from devs, I would love to have this system implemented

While i think such a system was definitely discussed (at least at a certain point) in Korea, i do think it does have more merit in our global release, since trust seems to be much lower here.
So i’m here hoping such a system will be considered (again), because of the global launch success, which many KRMMOS don’t have.

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While it sounds great and all, the raids aren’t designed to br bussed. The whole concept is a community driven thing. The devs want you to play the fight, not afk while someone else does it for you. And while it’s not something they prohibit, it certainly won’t be something that’s encouraged from their end