Bussing Calculator Explained

Link to Paranous’s Calculator

Welcome bus drivers and passengers. recently some questions were brought up concerning this tool I created a little while ago. As seen here And I would like to be transparent with details as to why and how I have come to the metrics I have.

Argos Blood + Leaps, with considering a 1:1 ratio with Blood to Leap conversion. This is done mainly too benefit the passenger.

The Gold is split between each passenger and driver, this is done to compensate the driver but ensure and maintain that the passenger always receives a a fair price without taking away the benefit from the passenger.

As for Valtan this same scheme is continued with the exception that you must the evaluate the Boneplates etc, to which I set a static value of 500g, (in-game bae is 1000g > Chaos Shard vendor) my 500g value accounts for diminishing returns as players progress. And so some static multiplier is needed. That best provides an avg that will still scale heavily based on the value of Great Leaps and again splitting the cost between driver and passenger.

And then continuing again that same evaluation into future content, i.e. Vykas
otherwise without having these multipliers in place as content scales (difficulty and skill) also scales to an extent you will find Valtan to be lesser value than Argos and then Vykas will eventually fall behind because they provide less gold, or leap stones in trade for the static materials needed to craft new sets/armor pieces.

If a better metric or means of evaluating the value of these boss’s comes to anyone’s mind I am fully open to constructive feedback.

My goal is to simply provide some means of a guide or standard to prevent people from price gauging / over charging the player base for content they will be doing already. And still provide a fair and reasonable rate based on live market values.

Note: I do not claim to be the definitive authority to bus seat pricing. I created my tool out of sleepless boredom and a desire to help both drivers and passengers achieve a fair and reasonable pricing agreement. @aaaaanyway

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Was just curious because some things weren’t really adding up! Appreciate you taking time to explain, thanks!

How about get in a guild / raid group and live the experience yourself in addition get whole gold for yourself? Capitalism every where…

Sad game, sad reality, AGS/SG should outlaw bussing, thread like this is really eye sore to those whom know what good game design should look like.

I mean bussing has been around for a LONG time in MMOs. Its not a new concept. Some people are lazy and/or bad players but have money to burn.

The Bus Calculator has been updated to now reflect the price of all resources obtained from each of the raids if you are purchasing the boxes. That said be aware everyone has been very heavily and continue to do so undercut their bus prices.

Normal vykas does give 6 total relics (1 from each gate + 1 from each bonus chest). Hard gives 2 from each gate and 2 from each bonus chest)

Only people who cant bus hate on it. People been busing players for real money since WoW and even older MMOs

Bussing is actually very important since there are people who dont have spare time for long raid sessions or they just cant bother try harding to successfully fullfill their role as a raid participant or they just are not that good at those. If buses did not exist, many people who struggle in those would quit the game since it’s the endgame content for progressing which results in less population of the game. Less population in such mmos are always bad wether for the economics like ah/market or queues and many more. I do not bus myself but I appreciate people doing it, helping ppl to progress of course with some benefits e.g. more gold income

Just want to point out current in-game Bus Seats are 2-3k Gold for Argos, that’s a 2.4-3.4K flat profit for the passenger. 4-5k for Valtan HM, that’s 5-6k profit for the passenger. Meaning if you buy a bus we sell them here 24/7 then not only are you profiting from it, you often times saving your self Gold, on-top of time. and Time is the most valued currency in life…

(P.S. - Even if you consider buying Royal Crystals and converting them into Gold a means of RMT/Pay2Win the avg Free2Play player is still ahead of pretty much everyone now)