Bussing has destroyed the game and i love it!

  1. Inflation.
    A bus prints more money than it should have. That is a fact of the matter and cant be denied.

Common counter arguments :

  1. Its not much
    You dont have the data to back it up. You dont know how much gold is in the game and how much gold busses generate. You can speculate its a small amount, but without the actual numbers that statement doesnt hold true value.

  2. Bots have injected way more gold in the economy than bussing.
    Same as above. You can speculate all you want but you dont have proof. You dont know shit,
    you dont know how much gold has been removed or how many have been banned. Even if we grant that bots have contributed more to inflation, that doesn’t justify why busses should too.

The result of that. People crying that their gold becomes worthless and less. As a full fp2 player your opinion is irrelevant. For you the best conversion would be 1 gold to 95 blue crystals. You dont plan on swiping so you want your gold to be worth as much as possible.

As a swiper however its the exact opposite, you want your irl money to net as much gold as possible. So as long the conversion rate is not much better than just selling skins on the market, why would you ever want to trade your real cash for blue crystals ?

Now if everyone was printing less gold, some people might get the urge to swipe so they can catch up, but the point is that swiping should always have much better return value than just playing.

  1. Gatekeeping/learning groups.

With busses in the game you actually don’t need to spend your gold or pheons. Hit valtan take bus = profit, hit vykas take bus = profit. After 20 busses you already have titles and gear naturally, not a single gold or pheon spend in the action house, you dont even need to cut a rock in that time. And now its time to learn, you join party finder “reclear/exp/title”, and you grief the fuck out of gatekeepers while you take your sweet sweet time learning mechs.

Same here, people come here complain that people suck at the game, but are fine with busing. At the end you reap what you sow.

So from my perspective the game is in the best state ever. Im playing for the long run, the more of the streamer/whales quit/get banned the healthier the game becomes.


Weird take but ok.


Read first two lines and i already know you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Clueless


OP continues to bring this whole inflation post up about daily and has already made several posts about it before.

Looks like someone still doesn’t understand math despite being shown the math plain as day regarding the gold that bussing generates compared to the entire economy.

Argo’s busses generate 1900g if the character <1385 and 1000g from 1385-1400. Busses from Oreha, Valtan and Vykas generates 0 extra gold (gold going into one character is NOT inflation). A single character on an account generates 10k on its own. 1900g a WEEK is a DROP of the gold that bots generate each day. This fact cannot be denied else how would RMT being do so well with millions of gold injected into the game.

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because chaos dungeons and guardians are not a content someone plays
because you will apply to argos bus at 1430

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Don’t worry your little socks off buddy, your getting way to serious.

There are players doesnt like this BUS Culture but some players dont care as long as their ALTS get reward more than they paid for the BUS.

If your MAIN is parked at your desired ilevel and no gold to gear up your 5 ALTS. There is no reason why you wouldn’t take the ride. Your ALTS is at 1370 with just 1 level 3 engravings, even if you try running Oreha Hard with 3 other pugs or even static. You will lose more gold if you count how many POTS you used and the time you trying to RESET and RETRY. You take the BUS for 300g or less, you’ll be rewarded more gold and more rewards with less time, zero effort and zero consumables.

Learning raid can be done once you have enough gold to gear up your ALTS or even if you just started the game playing your MAIN.

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With price of 1300 per char that is 5200 per run.
If we say on weekly we have 5000 Argos busses
That is 26 mil gold weekly just Argos.

Now you seem to know how much gold bots generate daily, can you please share where you get that info and give specific numbers :slight_smile:

You will lose more gold if you count how many POTS you used and the time you trying to RESET and RETRY.

Why would you ever use a pot in oreha ? Just mm until you get a free carry ?

This statement alone shows you have no idea what your talking about and know nothing about economy and economics in general. The amount that the bus costs is IRRELAVENT. Bus could be free, bus could be 2k, its IRRELAVENT on how gold gets inflated or deflated in general. A character being bussed in Argos that is 1370-1384.99 generates an extra 1900 gold that goes into the economy. A character being bussed in Argos that is 1385-1399.99 generates an extra 1000 gold that goes into the economy. IN both case the reason it affectes gold’s VALUE is its extra gold being injected into the economy. Its also why VALTAN, VYKAS and OREHA busses dont affect it since its not extra gold that the character couldn’t already have earned on its own.

BUS price meaning gold going into few people is NOT inflation. Inflation and Deflation of gold is completely dependent on how much acutal gold is in the economy, not what a few people have. What your thinking if is an ENTIRELY different aspect of economics that revolve around market and monopolies. But its NOT inflation.

You are funny. Taking a free ride in OREHA.

But anyways, tell me about not using POTS in Argos when not riding the BUS but with full 1400+ try hard raid groups in PF. Are you gonna MM and wait for a free ride?

Okok what i understand from this is, if you don’t have the skill needed to bus its bad.

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busses dont affect it since its not extra gold that the character couldn’t already have earned on its own.

Really so you are saying a 1370 can earn 2700
A fresh 1415 without gear engravings and gem investment can already earn the valtan gold ?
Interesting why are people in pf gatekeeping then.

Also you didn’t answer your original claim.
How much gold do bots generate a day. Please respond to that first.

I agree with 3rd point 100%

You know there is a thing called support. They can heal so you dont need to use pots. Nowdays we dont even use the 4 lives that Argos gives. Even tho a bit more effort and we could pug it deathless Every week on multiple characters. So no pots needed again.

If you bus with your MAIN, something is not right. But BUSSING in your ALTS is just fine in my book. No need to gear up to even get accepted in a raid/party. You pay less gold versus what you can get after the RIDE, GOLD and ACCE plus if lucky CARD and ENGRAVINGS. How hard is that to understand?

You talking about your main or your alts?

Bruh, if you think you dont use pots in ilevel 1415 or below in ARGOS even with supports. You are a damn good player, a GL or a Paladin maybe.

There are squishy charaters that cannot dodge everything and supports cant have their heals up all the time that a low HP needed some heal.


bussing. does not. GENERATE. OR INFLATE. ANYTHING.

your 3rd argument is like: play LoA as mobile mmo game and hit auto button.

It helps undeared geared ALTS to generate gold and a chance to get their ACCESSORIES. This is what OP not realizing.