Bussing is a haven for RMT gold, and should be banned

Those comments man.

Just because bussing is prevalent in other region means it must be a good thing?

Bussing cause gold inflation. And our gold is already inflated because of bots. Bussing only making it worse.

People can not get in to group?

There is always learning/progression party or you can make your own chill party for “non-elitist” players.

Bussing really have to be stopped. It is not about RMT gold.
The inflation it cause forced everyone have to be a bus driver or else you lose gold due to inflation.

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pls dont ban bussing its the only fun / challenging content left in the game.

or ban it but then let me go into raids with as many people as i want and not full 8 ty

People really need to study what inflation is.

Inflation in a game like this is done by the creation of new gold, gold that didn’t exist before. Bussing doesn’t create new gold, it transfers the gold already in the game to another player. Because that gold isn’t created or used by a gold sink, it has 0 impact on inflation.

The only argument that works for bussing making inflation higher is because they can gear their alt faster, making them earn more gold quicker. But you can say the exact same opposite point, where that gold earned is used in gold sinks (honing, quality upgrade, etc) more than it is used in the economy (buying accessories). The result is literally neutral or very marginal at best.

The only problem bussing brings in the economy is those that have gold or are ahead will just get more gold and get farther ahead. There’s no inflation there, prices of legendary engravings or mats aren’t going to get higher from 5 to even 20% of the community bussing people.

Inflation, in a scale that matters, happens the overall purchasing power of people increases, making gold worthless. This happens with RMT or if gold sinks are ineffective, or when the playerbase grows and has more people generating gold overall, not the 1900 gold each person makes from doing p3 Argos instead of p1 on a 1370 alt.


It’s been known that bussing is one of the main causes of inflation in lost ark. It’s a major issue in the other regions too.

Why? People who normally don’t generate any gold at all from content they can’t/shouldn’t be doing are printing gold out of thin air b/c of the bussers. They then get items/gold they couldn’t have gotten before for a fraction of the cost even if the busser gets some of this printed gold.

So yeah, inflation… The creation of gold out of thin air comes from 2 bussers running 6 1370 people through say 1400 Argos P3 which wouldn’t have existed if there was no bussing. The same/similar goes for valtan, vykas etc.

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I personally don’t have a problem with bussing, but to say that it doesn’t create gold is not true.

The gold is created because without the bus, the person getting bussed would not have otherwise cleared the raid and received the gold. (Yes, some people could in fact clear the content if they perhaps tried harder or spent more time, but I think you get my point). That gold doesn’t come from any existing player, it is generated newly from the game.

That’s the main reason for the 6 character cap on raids, because running that raid content generates gold. If you take away the buses, you take away a substantial amount of gold generated from nothing.

You can take off your engravings if you want a challenge. Still not hard enough for you then take off the gems. Still not hard enough, then no potions. For even more challenge, carry pugs

That’s literally the opposite of what’s happening. Your bus drivers most likely are already decked out in accessories and legendary engravings, they use their gold to hone at the ludicrous cost going from +21 to +25 is on their main, which is a HUGE gold sink.

Meanwhile, the people that were bussed get barely more gold, if any, then if they had run p1 Argos. At 1.7k / bus, you make 1k gold instead of 800. At the current rate I see, between 2.1-2.3k, you actually lose gold as a bussed person.

That gold going to the person that is geared already means that it is way more likely to be used in lost ark biggest gold sink, honing.

The 1370 alt will most likely just shift the gold to its main to gear it properly (which is exchanging gold, no effect on inflation) and to hone, which is also another gold sink.

Of course, there is some inflation from someone clearing content that generates gold. Thinking bussing has any significant impact on it is wrong, imo.

Then again, don’t look at me, look at the market prices. If inflation was critical to the point y’all claim, mats would probably double in price every month. Meanwhile, I haven’t seen GHL move from 30-35 gold for the past, what, two months since the bot infestation was semi handled?

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What’s the point of testing the limit of your ability and skill if you aren’t being compensate for it. Why would someone challenge themselves to gain nothing in return on an mmorpg. You’re freaking delusional. If someone work extra harder they should be compensate base on their merit. Why would you willingly crippled yourself to walk the same pace as everyone else. When you pay for a bus it’s not just for the driver to challenge themselves but ask their time, and skills.

ALL Extra gold generated by bussing are used in gold sink.


Bus service help player get the item they cant do by themselves

To be honest i cant finish vykas if no bus service… im working 9-10h /day + 1 kid and 1 wife
I collect gold from oreha and argos now valtan to pay bus service until i can finish my relic set
If no bus service im 100% sure i no longer open my lost ark
So your idea about stop this bus service is for me bad idea


If that’s what you got from my posts, then sure, keep spouting your drivel I guess, nothing I do will stop you

Even if you are right atm.
Bussing should be stopped before any serious inflation happened as the bus price go down because more people can drive

And I don’t know what server you are on. The price of everything other than mats keep rising everyday. GHL didn’t go up because we have more supplies now with honing buff

Oh, if that’s the argument, then yes, that is fair

I don’t do bussing personally, I tried being bussed like twice, thought it was boring. I don’t mind it per se but I don’t encourage / demand it.

Just seeing inflation thrown around like a bag of dorritos without all the variables that goes with it (that nobody can calculate cause we don’t have the data) grinds my gears

Yes. It is difficult to measure because we have no idea how much gold is generated by bots.

Gold is being generated out of thin air b/c these people don’t or haven’t contributed to the economy to earn this content’s gold. Yet, they are being bussed to get more gold than they should be earning.

That is what we are calling printed money or gold, and this is what can cause inflation.

So sure, the busser goes and spends this printed gold, but this only causes more inflation b/c now they have more buying power, driving up the normal costs of items for other normal contributing players who aren’t printing gold.

Essentially, everyone could just bus and print gold themselves but we’d just be as inflated as KR is right now. 3k/95 BC as this has been going on there for a while.

And I just want to say, bussing is closely similar to what the bots already do. They inflate the costs of everything by generating gold from ‘thin air’ by automating everything and contributing a big fat zero to the economy.

People can argue it’s not the same thing/tier of ethics but it surely achieves the same problem.

oh no bUsSing has to be stopped please AGS ban bussing because i suck at the game and i hate to see other players making so much gold from busses :pensive:

Exactly this is the reason. But wait 2-3 months, same people will make new complain threads about that there is too less gold in the game

lots of emotive language, probably just upset that they have no one to carry their alts through raids for free


Okay, I know I’m really bad at explaining things, let me try and explain things a different way.

In real life, inflation is controlled on a micro level because things like the stock exchange and the national reserve exist, you can control it to a degree that people’s saving have a direct effect on buying power and price levels. In real life, you’d be correct, everyone generating 1.9k more gold from Argos would mean purchasing power is higher by that much and would cause inflation.

Games, especially Lost Ark, don’t work that way, because inflation is literally built into the system. The more you grow your roster, the more gold you create, the more inflation you make, which is countered by gold sink to avoid it ramping up to uncontrollable levels.

The point I’m trying to get across is 1.9k gold, even if its per player, is nothing when you compare it to the overall gold a player create, which is already countered by gold sinks.

I have 4 active characters, I am F2P and I have about 1k hour in the game, I’m no hardcore, but I play a lot. I make 30k gold per week, assuming I buy no chests. That’s my contribution to inflation.

The worst case inflation you will ever get from Argos, in your case, is a player with 6 characters at 1370 bussing to p3, generating 2700 gold per character. Minus what they would have earned from just doing p1, that’s 1900 gold, assuming they don’t buy the chest, which is 500 gold.

That means the worst inflation from bussing you’ll get from an account is 11400 gold. That’s the worst case of someone having 6 characters at 1370.

That’s… less than a third of what I make. My contribution to inflation, from playing casually, is 3 times higher than what bussing gives 6 characters who don’t use that gold in gold sinks.

But my real point is, just honing for 4 characters, I still run out of gold. I never have more than 1k gold on me, cause the sinks to get my two supports (my main and my first alt) to Kuku is so high that I lose all my gold on honing. The sinks where I’m at are so strong, I can’t even afford gold engraving books, which I’m going to need by September.

Because the sinks are so strong, people at my level bus (I don’t, I don’t like it, and I can’t anyway cause I’m a support main, I don’t sell my “services” either). And because the sinks are so strong, people buy gold, that’s literally the game business model.

Of course, as the years go, that 1900 gold will have a compound effect, and we’ll reach a higher level of inflation than if it didn’t exist. But you can’t seriously tell me, when you can make 3k gold from unas/week minimum, about 1500 (didn’t check, might be less) from hard oreha per character, more if you sell mats earned from chaos dungeons and guardian, that 1900 gold will make inflation go up so hard and so quickly that you’ll notice the difference.

And about KR and bots. For bots, you can’t measure the impact of millions of bots (yes, they actually get banned and come back after doing damage, so there’s effectively millions of them that have impacted the economy) and tell me their compound effect is anywhere close to the 1900 gold per character you create from busses. Some bots max out the daily crystal purchase limit (1000$) on stole credit cards, which generates hundred of thousands of gold. Even the bots that run rapport or unas earn more.

Finally, KR has had what, 4 years since launch? I think it was 2018, too lazy to check. On a game that didn’t have a 6 character limit on gold generation until, what, November last year? Of course their inflation is going to be worst than us, who have their current gold sinks that they didn’t have before (like increasing quality on relic gear). Its two different worlds where they had time to stockpile a lot more than us, if nothing else.

The impact of bussing Argos is, imo, non-existent. Then again, we have no data to verify either of our claims. If 99% of the playerbase have 6 1370 alts and take busses for Argos, then I could be talking completely out of my ass here. Ultimately all we can do is talk from experience, instead of fearing inflation, which we can’t calculate even if we wanted to, because gold sinks are things that are hard to define, amongst other things.

I think bussing sucks, I don’t partake in it, I don’t like that people partake in it, I don’t like how it shifts the gold more towards tjose that are already ahead. That’s my feedback on it.

Edit: holy shit, I wrote a wall

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It’s sad how this game is built all around money though. From the materials to the gear, to the buss. You sucks or have no time or no friends? Buy gold to fast hooning, instantly get your engravings, accessories, and someone to clear a raid for you. There is nothing more crap than this. It’s like an approved way to cheat as you are giving your money to the devs in order to obtain everything instead of actually playing and deserve it. This game reflect the real world where money is the real power and can buy everything, and it just didn’t work well here as we have gold sellers but this is how the game has been designed anyway and that sucks.