Bussing people throug argos

hello i got something kinda in mind but dont know if it is tos or not, if i would help people to do argos p1-p3 (they are ilvl 1370) im 1460+ with some more people would it be okay to charge them a fee for that because in theory they cant make it but i boost them (i would say fee is ingame gold) not rmt or something shady… just wanna be clear

Hello @ghoostraider and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

Just to be clear, you’re gonna play alongside them those Argos runs right? If this is the case then no problem. In-game currency fees for carries are completely fine here.

I’m asking because the term “boosting” is often used when you use the account of a lower level player to increase their rank. This is against the Code of Conduct. (it happened to me that I used the term “boosting” on a post regarding this same topic and caused some confusion so that’s why I’m making sure :sweat_smile: )

Let me know if you have any questions, stay safe! :wink:

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yes i mean in regards i play with them not bringing them to other people doing it
like me and 3 friends togther are doing the bus for 4 people


Got it got it, If that’s the case you can do it, for the in-game currency fee. Just follow the Code of conduct rules and you’ll be good. :wink: