Bussing ruining content

the one piece of content i can actually run that is fun and even semi requires me to think abyss dungeons is just getting ruined by bussers (way over geared people carrying others) i dont care if a guardian or anything else dies in 1 sec but damn i cant even enjoy doing weekly content

I hate to say this because I personally don’t think paid carries are good for learning to play, but this is something you’re going to find in most MMOs in some shape or form. I don’t think much can be done about it. If you can find a guild you can do abyss runs with, that might solve your problem there.

you could just make a party finder and only inv people around your ilvl lol



Worst of them all is dropping the f bombs, taunts and leaves

A seperate queue would be nice but ypu can just party finder. They fill fast.

Just make your own lobby in the party finder and recruit appropriately geared people.

I think paid carries are an awful thing in games, but I don’t think that’s that the OP is complaining about. He’s upset about overgeared players one shotting things in abyss dungeon matchmaking.

Personally, when I’m running an abyss dungeon on a super weak alt character then I’m very grateful for overgeared people carrying the run. Overgeared players have a legitimate reason for running lower tier abyss dungeons (hoping for legendary card drops), and I think their presence makes things more accessible for casual players. Some of the low abyss dungeons are actually pretty rough for a character right on the ilevel entry requirement, especially if they are poorly geared/optimized and I think the way abyss dungeons work is set up pretty well. The entry limits and mechanics basically prohibit people from selling carries, contrast with guardian raids where people try this all the time.

Yeah if you wanted a challenge it sucks that someone 800 ilevels above you is annihilating things but it’s a completely solvable problem if you make your own group in the party finder.

they do be bussin doe

Well the thing is that “bussing” is a paid carry. So maybe OP just used the wrong term. I’m fine with overgeared players running lower stuff to get drops though. That makes total sense to me.