"but no kingdom ruled through fear is a kingdom worth ruling."

So… what changed? :sweat_smile:


What changed is now some people are defending RMTing because they get to profit and pocket that sweet RMT gold from bussing now.

These people actually want Amazon to stop banning RMTers and their related transactions lol.


The kingdom fell.


the bans arent permanent tho, so they will come back 4-8 months later when progression is eassier and they will continue playing.

No troll, but highly doubt people would wait 8 months then come back and continue playing their account.

Most would create a new account, or just quit.

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When you have a 1500 main and 5 1475+ alts, you can easily come back in 8 months and still be ahead of the curve and at the current content. There’s no reaosn to not just take an 8 month break after 5m gold rmt. Doesn’t make sense to not perm ban…


Nah, it just sends a bad message, people should be perma banned for RMT.

I understand banning for rmt but they are banning people who have recieved rmt gold through bussing or auctions. Much like people getting banned at the start for buying plat skins that were obtained from a seller who used a chargeback. Too many innocents are being caught up in this and this community takes the stance “if you get banned you did something wrong”. This isnt helping and the player base is already getting smaller. Some people have thousands of dollars invested in this game and waiting 4-8 months to play because you unknowingly recieved gold from an illegitimate source is total shit.


Yeah im not sure whats up with that, same with people being banned if they bought a founder outfit from the AH, and the original owner refunded his pack. Like ok sure ban the guy, why me?
I bought it fair and square from the auction house.

I dont think that people should be banned for receiving rmt gold from bussing etc without them knowing. The solution is rather simple, since they can track the gold exchanged, remove that gold from their account. Its just AGS being incompetent i guess.


… the amount of heads on stick at the square went from dozens of thousands down to dozens of hundreds… because there’s a limited supply of them…?

RMT gold from bussing not sweeter than easy legendary skin gold…oh wait
RMT players would totally not use their gold to buy your skins, nono :slight_smile:

“I came, I saw RMT, I banned” - Problem?


Eh to each their own, maybe it’s just my short attention span but for me an 8 month ban would be the end of it for me.

Why exactly are you following this dude around and harrassing them? This is like the third time I’ve seen this.

AGS is finally ruling the kingdom with FEAR. I am having fun reading all the “innocent false banned” posts in here.

Ya just be a real whale and buy gold off the in game store like a boss lol

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These bus drivers living rent free in your head even though both Amazon and Smilegate says bussing is allowed.

You must be salty. You related to Kevin Durant? Did a Charles Barkley in your life call you a bus rider?


You his alt account? Cause that guy is annoying soifon or w/e

Cause he’s like a bot that loses his mind every time someone says bus.

You could probably post in the off topic forum about how the bus system in your city sucks and Soifon will make a post about how the bus drivers are RMTers there.

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Hey least bots don’t talk ahahaha