"but no kingdom ruled through fear is a kingdom worth ruling."

Can confirm that… he shoe horns bussing into literally every single post he makes and honestly its kind of hilarious at this point :joy:

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He bought hundreds of skins (prolly with rmt money and now trying to cover up being do salty) for unreleased joz jar so he salty as heck :joy:

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those rmt try so hard on 4rum and reddit but seem like we not fool by them much


That’s pure gold. Well, except for him.


No, I just see people dog piling him constantly the last few days and I guess I don’t spend enough time on the forums to get it. Just looks like harrassment when its like a group of people following him.

just when kingdom ruled by clowns anything can happens, just be patient :clown_face:

Cause its fun

Every thread this very special individual is seething about something that always ties back to him losing money
So its good to give context to readers :slight_smile: