But where are the classes!? Ugh

@Roxx Glad to see you are listening to the player base when it comes to honing rates, Argos, Etc. But when will they address the 2nd elephant in the room?

There are SO MANY of us waiting to play… And I mean PLAY. We are waiting to for our class before we invest into the game. Problem with that is, Were sitting here blind. We have NO idea when any of our classes will come. Could be a week, Could be MONTHS. I can not express how demoralizing this is to the many of us waiting.

I understand this was briefly touched on in the long winded post. Mentioning that they would be released at an accelerated rate, But we dont know what that means as of now.

I have personally stopped pushing at 1325, I refuse to waste any more gold / materials into a character I do not wish to play. I forced myself to push a berserker to T3 so that I may run dailies and bank any materials I can for my Scouter when he releases. Outside of that, I honestly have no desire or reason to play currently.

Touching on the “Injection of materials” through events coming up. I would recommend that you guys make these Roster Bound. Again, Any materials I gain through these events are virtually worthless for me. I would much rather bank them for my Scouter. Would give much more incentive to do them. But thats just my opinion…


Now that we’ve discussed our approach to progression and end-game content, let’s move on to cosmetic skins and Advanced Classes. As we read the forums, watch streams and videos, check-in on Discord, and hop in-game, we’ve seen feedback that players would like skins and Advanced Classes to be released at an accelerated rate. These two categories of content are entwined, which is one of the reasons that speeding up too much is tricky. Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them. Still, we are releasing skins at a faster rate than they were originally in Korea, and we will continue listening to player feedback about the tempo of their release. Similarly, classes will be released faster, and our goal is to catch-up! As we release new content into the game, we want to add new classes that compliment that content. More classes will be available soon, and we’ll share specifics in the upcoming roadmap we’re working on with Smilegate RPG in studio this week.

so class will come faster (the leaked roadmap was one in april, another in may, and roadmap stopped in may)
More information with roadmap this week (so… friday ? )

the way they worded it in the update earlier seems to be one class every month. instead of 2-3.

it was already 1 everymonth in the most recent information we had (one in april, one in may)

so… we are fucked?

Summary of the update: Coming soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

The way it’s worded makes it sound like it is entering the final round of discussion this week, so probably another week or two before we see it.

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they said they read the complain. the roadmap is for “this week” (or the working on it is “this week” so roadmap early next week ? )

While i really want class to come fast, let’s see what will happen. it will be time to protest if we continue to think too slow when roadmap is released. But now, it won’t change anything

The post they just made said they will be releasing them at an accelerated rate from what they originally planned. So thats good news.

probably 2 classes a month

Yeah, Why I said in my original post… They mentioned it would be “Accelerated” but we as players do not know what that means. We dont know what the original plan was, Or what they mean by accelerated. So unfortunately we have to wait…

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the original plan was once a month so lets add accelerated to the formula and it should be 2 a month ez maths

Good, but is it “good enough” is a real question (and roadmap will answer)

If we get from one per month to 2 per month, yes it is fine, it gives all 7 missing in 4 month, so july. (while thinking my sumoner will be in end because arcana was 2nd… not 2 mage to close ot each other)
If it was 2 per 3 month and now 1 per month… doesnt change a lot…

the fact that the leaked roadmap did show only for march april and may doesn’t give lot of answers of what was previously intended with 100% accuracy

Read the notes fully before crying. They addressed the issue. They said they’re still working on it. All we know is that it’s probably going to be faster than the leaked roadmap right now.

Original plan of Gold River was one new class every 2-3 months as stated in the launch live stream. So hopefully it is 1 new class every month or 2-3 new classes every 2-3 months. Of course, all at once would be ideal. But, I doubt that will happen.

roadmap said 1 every month so…

We dont know that. Nothing was ever said for certain outside of a “Leaked” road map that was almost instantly addressed. Could be 2 a month, Could be 3… We dont know

With that said, I hope they push them as fast as they can. I personally dont think they could push them fast enough. They should have been here day 1. I understand classes like Artist or any that might be scheduled for a rework. But honestly see no reason outside of that

mmmmmm I heard that they are preparing roadmaps one month ago, and they are saying it is coming sooooooon. So its another “Coming soon excuse”

Well, SG is IN one of their offices as we speak and they are finalizing things. So honestly roadmap could be much sooner than you think.

If is 2 or 3 classes every month i think it would be fine,it would sucks if your class is in the last spot but still in 3-4 months(at worst) you would get it.

But if they meant at faster pace than KR which was alredy with 1 class every month and this plan dosen’t change then this is not going to age well.