Butler Adeline + Stronghold quests .. gone?

My stronghold is at level 1 and when I arrive at my stronghold to do the necessary research (I have all of the ore and timber) It says I did not complete above said quest as well as a couple of other quests that have to do with my Stronghold ie “Basics of the Stronghold Economy” , “Kind Neighbor, Cals” , and “A Necessary Procedure”. What is odd is that Adeline is completely gone from my Stronghold ie she is not outside of the Lighthouse even after I enter the Lighthouse and exit. As well as Cals not being present as well. I cannot find these quests in my quest journal as well either. If anyone could help as I would love to get my Stronghold going as I am already late to the party!

Try going to your quest journal and switching to area. That is what I had to do to be able to complete it.

That’s my issue, the quests aren’t under the “In Progress” tab for me to even find unfortunately. They aren’t under completed either as I haven’t completed them? So not sure how I can go about re-activating these quests…!

Just figured it out yall!!! It had to do with a f5 bind. Yall can close this!