Buy accessories now or wait?

maybe dumb question.

im 1415 gs and have more or less just focusing on gs rather than fixing bis engravings and stats on my main.

i have alot of gold saved up and was wondering if its worth spending my peons and gold now and buy 3/3/3/3 engr gear, or wait until relic accessories are coming?

i mean buying full relic acc from ah will be waay to expensive and i asume i will stick with my legendary gear for some time.

so buying bis stats/engr for like 12k gold now, or save the gold?

If you can clear any current content without it then why spend 12k?

Don’t really need 4x3 atm. You probably want it for Valtan hard as the dps check is quite tight…especially for groups that don’t have optimized setups.

Only reason people go 4x3 is because it’s fun to do more damage and be optimized. And it’s always more fun to play a class that does more damage.

You act like you’re going to get groups begging you to join with minimal ilvl and crap engravings. Are you also under the assumption that relic engravings aren’t going to cost you a million gold? 12k is nothing it’s literally 2 days stop being cheap. There’s going to be thousands of people 1430+ who couldnt reach 1445 applying to groups with BiS engravings.

I doubt very much that you will be taken to the group for Voltan

Outside of giga whales no one if going to be swapping out accessories anytime soon.

You can find amazing deals time to time, last week a saw great one for my class for 100g but turned it down since i also had to spend 15 pheons for it :joy:

3x3 is good enough for Valtan Normal.
Id say to wait and see if you get lucky with any drops from him first.

just wait until next thursday/friday, lots of ppl will throw their old accessories on AH + lots of supply early in the week

If you got good gems, tripods, runes and you know how to play your class properly i think Valtan hard would be doable with 3x3 anyway.

Sure you will be more efficient with 4x3, but even so, depending of the engraving you can go with 3/3/3/2 or one.

Not worth it.

This game is a resource management game, be it honing resources, gold, gems whatever.

In resource management games, you learn to use your resources to the point where you can do current content, you then stop and wait for the next content hurdle. If you can’t do that content then sure upgrade your current gear, but you might be fine with what you have now. Any current accessories will be replaced very quickly so your really just wasting money.

If you can’t do valtan first shot, then you will get upgrades from the Chaos dungeons and new guardian too.

Also when the patch hits legendary market will likely crash fairly quickly. It all depends how desperate you are to do content day one or wait.