Buy gold with royals

@Roxx if I buy gold with royals because there is an accesory I need and the listing ends in 5 hours, will I be able to get the gold right away or I cant use it for xxx hours?? that would be very dissapointing If i can not use my gold instantly

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All gold from the exchange now has a 3 day holding period to prevent fraudulent gold from making it into the economy and as another layer of protection for stolen accounts/credit cards.

This effects all players including those with “Trusted” accounts.

  • Added new preventions to deter gold sellers. Paid gold (purchased from the currency exchange) will have a 3-day withholding period. Gold that is under a withholding period will be called ‘withheld funds’. Gold without a withholding period will be called ‘available funds’. Withheld funds will be restricted in the following ways:
  • Cannot send withheld funds through mail
  • Cannot deduct from withheld funds when accepting billing mail
  • Cannot use on 1:1 trades
  • Cannot use in Auction House
  • Cannot use in Marketplace
  • Cannot use in Loot Auctions
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bought 500 dollars worth yday and won’t be able to use it til Wednesday night…im so broke i can’t even put up greater leaps on the AH rn =(

Thats fked up man… Thanks god I asked, not buying a damn thing now

Its there to prevent people from doing charge backs. It got to be a real problem.