Buyable powerpasses :()

i just realized after i was spending 10 euro that this isnt enought to buy the vern pass… 30 royal crystals are missing… it is really meant to be 20 euro to be able to buy a powerpass to vern ?

Yeah thats how they make money from you


I understand you wish to know more about the power passes. The price does vary depending on a couple of things:

  1. The point from which you wish to advance your character. This means that depending on how much progress you have left to reach a certain point in the game, the price can vary.
  2. The Power pass you wish to purchase. This is to say that the price will scale depending on the level of progression you wish to advance to.

I hope this information helps!


Nah tbh this doesnt help at all if u need to more than 10 euro for a vern powerpass to buy.
This is just really annoying to be forced to spent 20 euro just to buy 1 powerpass.