Buying a skin for a guildmate

Hello community managers,

Is sending 21100 gold to buy a skin off the auctionhouse for a guildmate a permanent bannable offense?

Would like to know the answer, if it is a not a permanent bannable offense then I can submit this as evidence in the ban appeal.

Thank you.

For extra context - Formal complaint on ban moderators

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buy the box trade the box EZ

If you’re asking this question, it is time for you to ask yourself if you should even be playing this game

I enjoy the game, i’ve clocked 2500 hours, its pretty fun, just want to play with a friend who got banned from me sending him gold to buy a skin. Just want a CM to confirm this is the case to get “evidence” required for the appeal.

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That’s tough asking permission, that’s your gold. You decide where you spend it.

Just want to make sure it’s not a bannable offense. It’s not the game’s fault if the ban moderators don’t actually check what has happened.

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soon they going to left the game…so no point spending your sweat on someone…

Just an update: He got unbanned due to being completely innocent. No thanks to the community managers who wouldn’t make the statement required to help him get unbanned. Really need to step up your game.

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Hey all, toast’s totally not-legit friend here.

I have never experienced as bad a support/appeal system as Lost Ark, and the forums did not help very much in that regard.

Still, massive thanks to you @Toastmakesuhigh, and to those who supported/emphasised with this case. Maybe the doubters and naysayers won’t be so quick to shoot down innocent players now :slight_smile:

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