Buying royal crystal items from players

Is buying things from the shop from other players with gold allowed or is it a bannable offence?

For example: Can I send someone gold to buy me a character extension slot coupon? Or will this flag my account with RMT?

This item cannot be sent as a gift
in general this is a completely ingame method so in other cases everything should be fine

if you cant do it though in game methods, such as trading it in game or buying it off the market place then its considered RMT and you can be banned.

I suppose the usual thing between friends or family is to gift to your steam wallet and then you could use it on royal crystals.
You sending them gold in game would be separate. As long is its not very suspicious large amounts sent.

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You wil be doing RMT, which is forbidden.

Will you get detected and banned? Most likely not. But its forbidden.

Er, they’re TRADABLE…

I trade my partner gold and sometimes purchased her item through steam…
Gifts should not be banned-able but purchasing gold from 3rd party website has it’s own risks.
So I guess depends on who you are trading with and like other said the quantity… huge amount of gold send can be sus…

Sending your friends/ partner gold is not RMT… heck i can give my guild mates gold it’s not considered as RMT as long as it’s reasonable amount…
I have traded gold with my partner who play next to me on weekly basis, never get banned

The issue here is that involves real money and its not made through usual means provided by the game. Thus, is considered a forbidden Real Money Trade.

It does not matter why or how righteous your cause is, this is just how their TOS defines it and i’m poiting it out to you.

I would say no, as you aren’t trading in-game items/currency for USD or any other real life currency. As long as the item is tradeable in-game, it should be OK. Now if you are trading gold for, say, the Steam wallet amount, that most likely falls under RMT.