By combining point 2 and 4, do we have 80% decrease or 50%, or I'm just being dumb?

English is not my first language and im having a hard time understanding this.

Honing XP isn’t referring to any rates, it’s reducing the overall cost of materials. These outlines nothing but buffs so you’re okay.

We don’t know.

Line 4 and 5 are a big ??? it’s something that doesn’t exist in any other region and doesn’t specify an ilv.

Some people are speculating it’s a 1370-1415 lite buff (compared to the full thing which is the same as 1302-1370 but 60% material reduction instead of 50%) and some people are speculating it’s a mistake and not a real thing.

the general interpretation of these lines are as follows

  1. behaves like stronghold buff and you will get an additional +20% automatically per hone. e.g. with the stronghold buff, +14 to +15 is now 40%.
  2. on 1302 gear, when pressing this button you will require 30% less shards
  3. on 1302 gear, these numbers are reduced by 50%
  4. unclear but it probably means that all tier 3 gear will see a 30% gold decrease in honing cost (which you will see on 1340 gear as well, which might help with the great deflation of the market vs honing gold cost) and this 1340 15 to 16 weapon gear xp will be halved to 6507 shards.

    this might mean net 80% gold reduction on 1302 gear.
  5. this is the most unclear. there are a few options
    a) 1302 1-15 receive an additional 10% buff, but then why is this separate from the first point
    b) both 1302 and 1340 1-15 receive an additional 10% buff, which means this line needs clarification
    d) 1340 1-15 receives a lite buff, which means this line still needs clarification
    e) both 1302 1-15 and 1340 1-25 receive an additional 10% buff. this is extreme copium and very unlikely but the way it is worded could imply this.
    f) the additional rate from honing failures is buffed by 10% (from 10 to 20), meaning you require 5 fails to reach max unjuiced (0 solars) percentage vs the previous 10. however, this additional percentage is worded as honing failure success rate in the honing ui so the possibility of this is also low.
    g) your honing rate is buffed multiplicatively by 10%. e.g. 40% becomes 44% and 44% becomes 48.4%. this has never been done so also unlikely.