Bye AGS, you've killed a long-term fan

After nearly 2000 hours in Lost Ark with every intention of spending many, many more through the years to come (and in turn, money), it’s time to call it quits after today’s stunt.

You’ve ‘oopsied’ your way one too many times. I don’t care that according to a reply on another thread that everyone will get the Pheons back for every character on the roster. I don’t even necessarily need them, personally.

However, every week there’s some kind of problem because AGS refuses to use the piles of cash they’re raking in to test patches before they go live. Then, it’s DAYS to get those problems sorted. The moment you accidentally do something semi-nice and actually smart for the upcoming tripod change, it’s a mistake and everything comes grinding to a halt. Immediately.

It’s heartbreaking to invest this much time into something, only to get punched in the d*ck one too many times and have to call it quits. However, the only way to hit you where it hurts is attacking the one thing you hold dear: Money. You won’t get another cent from me at least.


wednesday is the patch test. free and effective


Cya bro

it’s time to quit this game for me aswell.


RU has brel already

Just what exactly are you crying about? What stunt? Are you crying over getting pheons?

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still unhappy about the glaivier shenanigans

If you read, the full reason is there ^-^

Asking a fanboi to read things that hurt AGS’s feelings is a longshot, though.

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Lmao I just woke up, I guess I should wake up with the universes knowledge every time I awake. I asked a question as to why he’s crying and you sit there acting like I made a single defense for AGS. Nah, you’re just putting words in my mouth. I just like watching little whiny babies cry, like you. I don’t need to side with AGS to enjoy that :joy::joy:


If you don’t know about things that are happening, maybe stay silent until you do. :slight_smile:


Says the person who can’t read the actively-burning forums. lol

wtf is wrong with you. you just make yourself look stupid by using “being on the spectrum” as an insult.

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you don’t have to quit.
just stop spending money will do.

The people that actually quit don’t post on forums. I appreciate the effort but you will be back.

I am waiting for EUW merge with EUC and I know a lot of people have quit cuz of dead region but not me yet. And I know if they don’t merge I will eventually quit but it will be a slow process of having fewer and fewer log ins. Not a complete log off forever.

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After 4200 hours in Lost Ark I’m also quitting. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on the game buying Pheons to cut stones on my 18 alts and get them 5x3. some months I barely had enough to pay for rent or buy food. But after today, I’m forever GONE and you will no longer have my money amazon. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I don’t want to quit, I have to.

Refusing to support garbage companies is the benefit of having a free market, after all.

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I say money well spent.

SG sucks, why did they choose AGS as publisher :frowning:

You’re right, my b.

I’m not sure who had the bright idea to toss any good will in the fire but AGS and SG had to both be on board here for this decision. Did no one really raise the point “hey guys maybe removing what we just gave them isn’t the best idea?”